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For Talented Students

Mentoring Track for the Talented Students

Operational definition of terms:

  • The talented students (Mentoring Track) are those students who own a talent in a certain field.
  • The Expert (male or female) is one of the faculty members with outstanding talent in a certain field.

Content of the track of Talented Students

The talented students will be connected to one of the faculty staff members (the expert) having the same talent as the student (male or female), with outstanding experience in the field of talent in question, whom the university and its centers are rich of. The specialized party will indicate the applied content of the Mentoring Track for each and every individual student (male or female) in the light of their talent, taking into consideration the logical hierarchy and the vertical depth in the field of talent, for a period of only one semester. The primary aim of this connection is that the talented students will acquire abilities and skills necessary to scaffold their skills, provided that the track ends with tangible improvement of the talent in question, or whatever the specialist sees suitable.

Execution Mechanism:

  1. Making an inventory of talented students and to invite them to join the Mentoring Track.
  2. Distributing the students of the track in the light of expert availability in their field of talent.
  3. Inviting students to fill the form dedicated to join the track in which students are assigned to one of the talented experts with high expertise, from the University and its centers, or the talented experts from outside the university or those willing to participate in the track Mentoring Track.
  4. Approving the registration forms for students and talented experts who wish to join the Mentoring Track.
  5. Inviting talented experts to prepare the scientific content of the track meant for their students.
  6. Assessing the scientific and applied content by presenting it to specialists in each specialization.
  7. Approving the scientific and applied content by the management of the distinguished and talented students program.
  8. Starting implementation of the content for the track and providing all necessary facilities.
  9. Following-up and assessing the students' progress in the track.

Track students’ advantages:

1. Students (male or female) will be granted a certificate from the distinguished and talented students program indicating their contribution to the Mentoring Track.

2. This certificate will be added to the skill register after being accredited as training hours (with an average of 2 hours per week for a period of 14 weeks).

Advantages of the talented faculty members participating as experts in the Mentoring Track:

  1. The experts (male or female) will be awarded a certificate from the distinguished and talented students program indicating their contribution to the Mentoring Track.
  2. Benefiting from programs designed to support the talented inside and outside the university.

At the end of each academic year, the participating faculty members and students will be honored by holding an annual ceremony under the patronage of His Excellency the Vice-Rector for Educational and Academic Affairs, and certificates and symbolic gifts will be distributed.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:29am