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Mentoring Track for distinguished students:

Operational definition of terms:

  • Distinguished students (Mentoring Track) are those who have obtained a cumulative average of 4.25 or above.
  • First Levels Students are the second academic year students or above (third and fourth academic levels).
  • Advanced Levels Students are the fourth academic year students and above (the fifth level and above).
  • The Student experts are fourth year students or above, with a cumulative average of no less than 4.25 who are ready to join the Mentoring Track, and provide instruction and guidance to the students of primary levels with regard to matters pertaining to study.
  • The Expert is a faculty member in the same specialization of the student (male of female), with distinguished scientific and research experiences.

Content of the Mentoring Track –The Distinguished Students

Advantages for track students

  1. The student (male or female) gets a certificate from the Distinguished Students Program indicating their contribution to the Mentoring Track.
  2. This certificate will be added to the skill register after its consideration as training hours (with an average of 2 hours per week for 14 weeks).

The advantages of faculty members participating as experts in the Mentoring program:

  1. Giving the expert a certificate from the program of distinguished students indicating their contribution to the course of mentoring.
  2. Benefiting from the support of the (distinguished student research support program).