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Distinguished Students Track

The distinguished students track was designed to attract excellent students academically, who wish to continue on the path of excellence and enrich their university experience. Hence this track helps the academically excellent students to come up with their contributions in achieving the requirements of the knowledge society, through introducing the program to a number of introductory and advanced enrichment programs to serve the distinguished university students, starting from the program of caring for distinguished students in the Deanship of First Common Year, through the enriching programs that are divided into the years of study students pass through, and ending with honoring these distinguished students.

This track aims, generally on preparing distinguished university students in scientific, applied, research and personal aspects so that they may become the seed for scientific and leadership competencies at the university and community levels through developing and displaying scientific, research, and innovative abilities in this group of students, broadening their horizons beyond the limits of their knowledge and increase their abilities to cope with the requirements of contemporary development. Moreover, it represents and inculcates the culture of excellence in the university to spread a spirit of positive competition among students in all colleges of the university as a top priority of this program.

The distinguished students track has four primary levels or curves. These levels are: the qualifying level, the general preparatory level, the special preparatory level, and the advanced preparatory level, to enable the students of the program to devote their intellectual energies and creative potential for contributing in the sustainable development with all its forms in the Kingdom, besides the advancement of creative and research production for the university and taking it at par with the world's most prestigious universities.