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The Fourth Level: Advanced Preparatory Level (Fourth Year Students and Above)

In order to join this level, the student should have completed the three previous levels of the track. This level consists of two major activities:

  1. International Universities Visiting Program: this includes the visits to distinguished international universities by the track students, to get acquainted with the equipment and programs there, so that the student may get a primary idea about their next destination in continuing his higher studies.
  2. Preparing studies and research projects: this is done through attaching the track students to a distinguished faculty member or a distinguished researcher in local or international research groups, providing them with scholarships, encouraging them to publish their scientific and innovative outputs in distinguished international journals, and letting them participate in international scientific conferences. Furthermore, the undergraduate students’ research program as well as other programs may be useful to them. Supportive courses in scientific research may be given to them through the Deanship of Skills Development, such as Statistical Analysis, and how to write and cite scientific research properly, etc.