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The Third Level

Preparatory Level of Specialization (Third Year Students)


During this level, the students are admitted to the qualitative dimension of the track where they are connected to the distinguished faculty members; and the enrichment program is prepared and executed for them, after gaining the approval of the program administration.

A: Connecting the students of the track to distinguished faculty members, preparing the enrichment program for them, and gaining the approved of the program administration.

This activity includes the attachment of each male or female student to a distinguished faculty member, scientifically and in research, as an academic mentor to the student in their department, who in turn prepares the enrichment program for their students in the track that includes scientific visits, encouragement of the students for reading, research and scientific testing, going on scientific trips and field visits etc., according to their abilities and preferences. This program includes the following:

  1. New know how, or developing thoughts in the field of specialization.
  2. High levels of thinking, research skills, investigation and review, in addition to skills related to the personal and social development related to specialization.
  3. A group of problems related to specialization, with the aim of finding their innovative solutions through intense research and investigation.

The enrichment program should include the activities and events set up in the following table:


 Enrichment program activities and events



Event execution

Field visits

For each student male or female, their mentor prepares a field visits program, to private and public companies and organizations, in light of his or her abilities and preferences (one visit per month).

Personal reading and summery

The mentor acquaints their male or female students with the good and useful books, references and sources that may enrich their knowledge in their specialization and make reading a desirable habit to them. Furthermore, he or she may ask them to summarize some useful books and articles in their specialization.

Supportive Mentoring  Track

In collaboration with the program administration and the concerned academic department, the student's mentor will attach him/her to a distinguished faculty member so that the student might be able to receive their knowledge and benefit from their experience. Collaboration with visiting professors who are attached to related programs in the university may be useable. The program administration will support such program according to regulating rules.

Practical Training

In collaboration with the program administration and the concerned academic department, the student's mentor will coordinate the training of excellent students with local outstanding companies and organizations according to certain enrollment terms.


B: Starting the execution, follow up, and progress assessment of the enrichment program

In this activity, the execution, follow up and progress assessment of the enrichment program of this track will be carried out by the program coordinators at the university colleges, under the supervision of the program's executive committee, and the provision of necessary colleges to ensure its success.