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Attendance and Withdrawal

  1. Students following this track should attend its activities in the light of its both dimension levels i.e., quantitative and qualitative.
  2. The student, male or female, will leave the track and will be considered as withdrawn in the following cases:
    • If he or she does not achieve the criteria and conditions related to transfer from the quantitative dimension of the track to its qualitative dimension
    • If the cumulative average of the student goes below 4.25 for two consecutive terms.

    • Absence and non-participation of the student in the track activities, or incompletion of these activities for reasons unaccepted by the program administration.

  3. If the cumulative average of the student goes below 4.25, he or she may continue in the track in either of its two levels; the specialization preparation level and the advanced preparation level, by recommendation of the program mentor in the academic department, provided that the cumulative average be raised during one additional term.
  4. The student who was excluded from the track for low cumulative average below the specified level, after giving him or her an additional chance, or was ousted for his or her inconsistence with the track activities, may not join the program again.
  5. The student male or female is entitled to request to quit the track in both its quantitative or qualitative dimensions within a period of one month from its start, mentioning the reasons behind this request.