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Program Incentives

The program offers a number of incentives for its students, and the list goes as follows:

  1. Giving them the ability to choose their own course sections as much as possible.
  2. Program recommendation to appoint them as lecturers (males or females) according to the need and recruitment standards.
  3. Obtaining a certified certificate from the program approving their excellence in academic and practical aspects or in multiple areas of talent aiming at the student's goal (completion of higher studies or joining the work market or participation in talent and creativity programs, etc.).
  4. Funding their research projects at the undergraduate level, and specialized programs for developing the talent they have.
  5. Documenting their activities in the skills record, and in their personal record of the program.
  6. Enrolling in outside developing programs in English, computer, or in the field of talent they have, or studying some courses of the study plan in prestigious international universities during the summer session.
  7.  Obtaining a Silver Distinguished Student Card by the program students in the distinguished students track (especially for program students in the quantitative dimension), and a Golden Card (especially for program students in the qualitative dimension). Moreover, the program students in the talented students track get the Talented Card whereas all the above mentioned cards carry a number of benefits that students can take advantage of (discounts in photocopy services centers at the university, increase in the number of books borrowed from the university's library, recreational trips and discounts in the market places etc.).
  8. Obtaining the necessary supplies and tools for distinguished and talented students to help them continue on the path of excellence, talent and creativity.