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Services Provided by the Program

The program offers a general range of enrichment introductory programs for the purpose of caring for distinguished and talented university students. These programs start with a caring program for the distinguished and talented students in the Deanship of First Common Year, and continue through all enrichment programs divided into all academic levels students passed through, and end with honoring them. To be more detailed, the program offers the following activities and services:

  1. Organizing field visits and joint cooperative relationships between distinguished and talented students and a wide range of companies and institutions in the public and private sectors associated with excellence and talent.
  2. Connecting excellent students with faculty members or outstanding researchers, as well as connecting them with organizations specialized in talent development internally and externally.
  3. Organizing visiting programs for distinguished and talented students to world-prestigious organizations.
  4. Providing practical training scholarships locally and externally for distinguished and talented students.
  5. Organizing meetings, seminars and workshops related to excellence, talent and creativity.
  6. Participating in international conferences and events related to the care of distinguished and talented students.
  7. Organizing a forum under the logo of "caring for distinguished and talented students".
  8. Holding an exhibition for the works and productions of distinguished and talented students.
  9. Organizing a project entitled "Distinguished and Talented Students Award".
  10. Issuing a periodical pamphlet for the program.
  11. Organizing creative competitions and preparing promotional and educational brochures specifically for the care of distinguished and talented students.