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Academic Supervisor Roles:

The academic supervisor of the distinguished students program is one of the faculty members who have an outstanding academic research. His / her primary role in the program is to help in achieving its objectives. He/she can be selected according to the following criteria:



Research excellence according to the number of published research in scientific journals


Student evaluation during the last year


Department head evaluation during the last year


Number of community contributions during the last year



In addition to the main roles assigned to the academic supervisor in the academic guidance manual, he/she has the following roles in the program:

  1.  Contact with the program’s students weekly (at least one hour) for counseling and follow-up purposes.
  2. Prepare enrichment program for program’s students and submit it to the academic program coordinator at the college (see specialist preparation phase of the program).
  3. Prepare a report about the students’ progress in achieving the requirements of the enrichment program.
  4.  Give a recommendation regarding the continuing of the program’s students in the program in the light of his /her GPA.
  5.  Give recommendations regarding the international universities visits and research projects programs.