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Academic Coordinator Roles:

Academic coordinator of the program represents as the linking point between the college and program management team, and his/her roles are listed below:

  1. Approve the distinguished students list electronically, which is prepared by the program management team according to specific criteria.
  2.  Make a list of supervisors for the program’s students in coordination with academic departments in the college, and make sure that all the program’s students are allocated to their supervisors by filling the relevant form and submitting it to the program manager.
  3.  Hold contacting meetings with the program’s students for motivation and following- up purposes.
  4. Approve the agenda and follow-up contacts between the program’s students and their supervisors to achieve the goals of the program.
  5. Contact with the students’ program supervisors to monitor the progress of the students and prepare their enrichment programs, and filling up the relevant forms and submitting them to the program manager.
  6.  Filling up the relevant forms that evaluate the progress of the program’s students through its different phases.
  7.  Follow up with academic departments to verify the implementation of the enrichment program for the program’s students through coordination with department heads.
  8. Coordinate with academic departments and program students’ supervisors to prepare international universities visits and research projects and studies programs, and prepare relevant reports and submit them to the program manager.