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This club comes side by side with the four phases of the program, so that this club offers a number of activities aimed to increase students’ motivations and their desire to learn, distinct and becoming creative. These activities are: cultural and social competitions, discussions, seminars, lectures, public service programs, camps..etc.

Club Vision

To be an outstanding model through contributing in supporting of distinguished students intellectually and behaviorally, in addition to disseminate the culture of excellence in society.

Club Message

Develop the knowledge and skills of the distinguished students and linking them with reality by enabling them to communicate and interact with society inside and outside university.

Club goals

• Provide good environment for the distinguished students to discuss and exchange of ideas.

• Provide supportive environment and encouraging the work of distinguished students.

• Conduct a set of activities that highlight the efforts of distinguished students.

• Increase the knowledge of distinguished students and develop their skills in various fields.

• disseminating of excellence culture in society.