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Program Incentives

The program offers a range of incentives to the students as followings:

  1.  Program’s students can enroll in their preferred classes as possible.
  2. Give the student recommendation to apply for lecturer position in the university colleges when its needs.
  3. Financial support for research projects.
  4. Getting the bronze card to (the students of the program in the preparatory year) and silver card to (the students of the program in the second phase) and gold card to (students the program in the third phase) and diamond card to (the students of the program in phase four and beyond) so, that each card includes a range of features that can be useful to the students, such as obtaining discounts in printing centers services at the university, borrowing more books and references from the university library with extended borrowing duration, having a special room in the library to study, joining entertaining trips, getting discounts from sale centers with five textbooks as gifts, and having a priority in the financial benefit from the students support programs.
  5. Record the student activities in the skill record and the program record.
  6. Obtain certificate by the program documented the outstanding academic level of the students which can be used to apply to postgraduate programs or join the labor market.
  7.  Joined external courses in English and computer, or study some subject of the student academic plan at international universities during the summer.