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Program Services


Overall, the program offers a range of enrichment programs to the distinguished university students, starting with the preparatory year programs, then through programs distributed through stages in each academic year, and end up with honoring distinguished students. The program will more specifically provide the following services and events:

  1. Field visits and cooperative relations between distinguished students and a wide range of corporate organization and institutions in the public and private sectors.
  2. Connect students to outstanding faculty members or researchers.
  3. International universities visits program.
  4. Local and external training scholarship for distinguished students.
  5. Organizing meetings, seminars and workshops.
  6. Participating in international conferences.
  7. Organizing annual meeting under the title of “distinguished students support”.
  8. Organizing annual exhibit to present students’ creative productions and works.
  9.  Organizing «distinguished Students Award».
  10.  Issuing a newsletter of the program.
  11.  Organizing creative competitions and prepare promotional and educational regarding excellence and distinction.