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In line with the aspirations of the university in achieving the fourth strategic objective, which based on enhancing the capacity of graduates, Distinguished Students Program comes to realize these aspirations through supporting university’s distinguished students. This program offers a range of developmental and enrichment programs and activities, which consistent with the best international practices in this regard. These programs and activities aim to develop the cognitive, behavioral, emotional and creative outcomes of distinguished students at King Saud University.

The Distinguished Students Program at King Saud University is based on the directives of the Custodian’s of the Two Holy Mosques- may Allah protect him- government toward supporting and caring distinguished students who are the truth wealth for the advancement of the nation, and the basic requirements for knowledge-based society. Accordingly, this program comes as one of the strategic initiatives of the university to promote students excellence and prepare them to be future leaders and the core of distinct scientific competencies. Providing exceptional support and care, and appropriate educational environment for the university’s distinguished students represent the main foundations for our program.  This is expected to enhance their goal orientations, intellectual energies, and creative potential, as a mean to increase their contribution in all types of sustainable development in our country, as well as promote creative and research products for the university, leading it into the ranks of the prestigious universities in the world.

In the light of the program’s vision and mission that are looking to achieve outstand support and care for distinguished students in all disciplines to shift towards a knowledge society, the program designs as a series of phases, the first one will be starting at preparatory year, the second and the third phases will be general and specialist preparations, and the final phase will be a professional preparation in its nature. Each phase will include a variety of supporting and enhancing programs and activities to achieve the program’s goals.

Dr. Ali Aldalbahi