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Practical Definition of terms:

Distinguish Students: students who achieved a GPA of (4.25) or higher.

Preliminary Levels Students: students who have registered for credit hours not less than (34) and not to exceed (69) hours in all colleges of the university except students in Medicine and Density colleges, who should be registered for credit hours ranged between (70-108) hours.

Advanced Levels Students: students who have completed at least (80) credits hours, except the colleges of Medicine and Dentistry, who must finish at least (109) credit hours.

The Student Expert: students of advanced levels who got GPA at least (4.25) and who are willing to participate in the mentoring track, and to provide direction and guidance for the students of the preliminary level in matters relating to their academic affairs.

Expert: he/she is a faculty member in the same student specialization and with outstanding scientific and research experience.